R90-160ne Nirvana VSD Premium Efficiency

Variable Speed with Two-Stage Airend and HPM™ Motors, these premium efficiency packages unleash the full potential of VSD compressors.


Variable Speed with Two-Stage Airend and HPM™ Motor Ingersoll Rand’s Nirvana VSD Premium Efficiency packages unleash the full potential of VSD compressors through the use of our unique two-stage airends. These packages are renowned for trouble-free operation and are coupled with the exclusive Hybrid Permanent Magnet™ (HPM™) motor.

  • HPM™ motor provides unmatched reliability and efficiency with unlimited starts/stops constant pressure control and smooth soft starting with starting amps always below full load
  • Conserves energy by shutting off rather than run unloaded
  • Intuitive controller with easily adjustable operating parameters onboard diagnostics multiple language interface and built in energy savings calculator
  • The Premium Efficiency compressor delivers up to 15% more air than a single-stage compressor while consuming the same amount of energy
  • Higher efficiency and durability through low compression ratios in each stage and reduced bearing thrust load
  • Unique coolant curtain reduces energy consumption by injecting atomized oil into the compressed air stream significantly lowering the energy required for compression
  • Blower speed adaptable to ambient temperature
  • Rated for continuous duty—100% load, 24/7, 115°F (46°C)—to reduce downtime and lost production
  • Voltage and frequency fluctuation protection
  • Removable hinged doors allow easy access to internal components


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