37-75 KW / 50-100 HP

37-75 KW / 50-100 HP


R-Series 37-75kW (50-100HP) Total Air System (TAS) rotary screw air compressors provide clean, dry air from one integrated compressor and dryer package.


  • Standard high-efficiency dryer components
    including a coalescing filter and integrated refrigerated dryer deliver ISO 1-4-2 quality air up to 38°C (100°F)
  • Patented 3-in-1 heat exchanger
    provides increased reliability and efficiency with a lower pressure drop
  • Minimised installation costs
    with single-point maintenance and monitoring
  • Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC) Protection
    continuously monitors key operating parameters and adapts to prevent unexpected downtime
  • V-Shield Technology
    provides a totally integrated, leak-free design
  • Sequential Cooling System
    significantly improves efficiency, serviceability and noise level
  • Time-Proven Airends
    provide market-leading efficiency and reliability
  • Trouble-Free Operation
    ensures increased uptime with features such as two-stage filtration, easy maintenance and extended life Ingersoll Rand premium grade coolant
  • Xe-Series Controller
    features an intuitive high resolution color display with Web-enabled communication and control