420-3,680 m3/hr (250 – 2,165 scfm)

420-3,680 m3/hr (250 – 2,165 scfm)


Available from 420 to 3,680 m3/hr (250-2,165 scfm), Ingersoll Rand heat of compression (HOC) dryers provide energy efficiency, performance and flexibility. Ingersoll Rand HOC dryers supply instrument quality air at operating costs well below those of typical desiccant dryer designs. Tried-and-true components along with enhanced controls ensure reliable HOC dryers with consistent performance. The flexible design accommodates Ingersoll Rand and/or other oil-free compressors.

Advanced Model Features:

  • Provides constant -40°F (-40°C) pressure dew point under all load conditions
  • Ideal for applications with loads that vary from 0-100% of rated flow
  • Uses Smart Control to automatically adapt the dryer to changing system demands
  • Low energy consumption

Standard Model Features:

  • Provides instrument quality air
  • Requires less than 150 watts of power
  • Provides an economical drying solution for your compressed air needs