Quick-Fit Piping

Quick-Fit piping system 14mm (1/2″) for small retail and home users.


From simple home garage users to hi-tech machine builders and conveyor manufactures, Quick-Fit meets every need. The unique features of Quick-Fit are its light weight marine-grade aluminum tubing and its solid brass nickel plated fittings. When the two components are combined you achieve an unparalleled quality that is not found in any other piping system.

Installation of Quick-Fit is literally seconds and requires nothing more than a simple tube cutter and deburring tool for even the most complex installation.

Quick-Fit truly is in a master class of its own, the highest quality, the most durable and all at an affordable cost.


  • Instant push-connect design
  • Guaranteed leak free
  • Strong/durable metal system
  • Non-corrosive components
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Unique flexibility