Ultra Extended Life (EL) Lubricant

Designed for high-demand, multi-shift operation’s, Ultra EL gives you long-lasting, varnish-free protection.


Ingersoll Rand Ultra EL advanced synthetic lubricant performs up to twice as long as other rotary lubricants, keeping your compressors running at peak performance, minimizing downtime and lowering lifecycle costs.


  • Longer Fluid Life: Ultra EL is expected to last 16,000 hours in the field.
  • Superior Wear Protection: Controlled lab tests as well as inspections of airends from actual air compressors were carried out to validate potential claims in the area of wear protection.
  • Better Corrosion Protection: Based on various tests carried out during the development and validation of the product, Ultra EL will provide better corrosion protection than other products available in the market today, and even show an improvement over Ultra Coolant’s very good performance in this area.
  • Improved Performance in the Presence of Air & Water