What is the cost of an air leak?

Eliminate air leaks and save money. The cost of a 1/8″ air leak at 100 psi (26 cubic feet per minute) represents $0.31 per hour or $313 for every 10,000 hours of operation. Fix the leak and save money.

What is the cost of pressure drops?

Avoid costly pressure drops and save money. NOTE: A 10 HP compressor producing 35 CFM at 100 PSIG and connected to a straight run of 100 feet of 1″ diameter pipe will result in a .27 PSI pressure drop. Every 90° elbow will equal to an additional 25 feet of pipe. Four elbows, another loss of 1.12 PSI. Each lost pound of pressure equals the loss of .5 percent horsepower. Horsepower equates to power; power equates to money.

What is the true cost of compressed air?

15% fixed cost for the compressor, installation, depreciation and insurance. 20% operating cost for inspection, maintenance and repair. 65% power cost for energy and demand to operate the system at $0.06 per kWhr, the estimated cost of compressed air is $0.02 per 100 CFM ($0.0002 per cubic foot). A 10 HP compressor delivering 35 cfm =$0.007/minute, $0.42/hour, $10.08/day, $302.40/month or $3,628.80/year.